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Immersion ‘s the meaning of the latest Testament Greek term transliterated towards the English keyword “baptism

Baptism is actually immersion. “Baptism” and you will “immersion” is actually synonymous. ” step 3 This means “a work from immersion,” an excellent “plunging” or a great “dipping.” A variety of the word occurs in John -twenty-seven, in which God “dips” otherwise “baptizes” the new morsel out of dough he up coming brings to help you Judas Iscariot. Given this new meaning of the word “baptism,” it’s practically impractical to talk about an effective baptism from the scattering or pouring.

However, regardless if i know little about the amazing Greek term to own “baptism,” we can dictate the latest mode out of baptism by watching that both Philip together with Eunuch transpired towards the liquid towards baptism (Acts 8:38), and that baptism is actually depicted because good burial (Romans six:1-11). When the someone attempt to administer “baptism” by the pouring or sprinkling, they fail.

God anticipates men and women to feel baptized, and you will until they actually do, they continue to be a lost (regardless of if they boost the terrible)

Baptism is actually for (so you’re able to obtain) the new remission regarding sins. The fresh apostle Peter said, “Regret, each people getting baptized about term regarding Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins” (Acts 2:38). Continue reading