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They announced their separation to Paige and Henry, whom took the news very difficult – especially Paige, who blamed Elizabeth for the marriage that is failing

(“Safe home”) Philip relocated into a motel, but nevertheless maintained their functions to Elizabeth as partner, and loving dad to their kids, despite the stress associated with the split weighing on everybody else. He still obviously cared profoundly for his family members, also sparing Gregory and allowing him to perish by himself terms when Elizabeth asked him to. (“Only You”) following the loss of Zhukov plus some prompting from Paige, Elizabeth reevaluated hers and Philip’s relationship and meant to ask him to go back, simply to be astonished (and upset) by their announcement which he had purchased a flat. The Jennings dropped into some sort of routine a while later, utilizing the kiddies visiting Philip at their destination, although no body had been specially happy with it (Henry also buried Paige’s secrets to Philip’s apartment). Continue reading