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Is intercourse before wedding a sin? So what does the Bible state?

Bible Matter:

Is intercourse before wedding a sin?

Bible Response:

Jellyfish are breathtaking, almost clear animals associated with ocean. They may be present in all of the world’s oceans, and a few even inhabit freshwater. They will have no heart, blood, mind or gills and tend to be over 95% water. They’ve been stunning, but as soon as you touch a jellyfish, you will receive a sting from their tentacles. Premarital intercourse is much like a jellyfish when you look at the water. It appears to be great. It seems great, but Jesus calls it sin and current studies have shown it results in more unhappy marriages.

Had Been It Great For Us?

Premarital intercourse, an work as soon as condemned by culture, happens to be motivated. In reality, to now be virgin is regarded as being an embarrassment. The comment “what exactly is incorrect with you?” was recently posed to a lady who had been a virgin. Continue reading