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Sitting sex : face protest that is sitting parliament against brand new porn guidelines

Intercourse employees and campaigners gather to show opposition to changes to British pornography laws

A simulated sex protest resistant to the UK’s new restrictive porn legislation staged outside parliament. Photograph: Jacob Rawlings/Cartel/REX

Intercourse employees and campaigners have collected in the front of parliament to protest against changes to UK pornography laws.

Organiser Charlotte Rose called the limitations that is“ludicrous stated these were a danger to freedom of phrase.

Protesters state the directory of prohibited tasks includes “face-sitting”, and campaigners prepared to transport down a mass demonstration with this while performing the Monty Python track take a seat on My Face.

“These tasks had been included with this list without having the public being made mindful,” Charlotte Rose stated. “They’ve done this without general public knowledge and without public permission.

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