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The organization are established in 1976, as well as headquarters is located in Madrid

26. Prosegur

Prosegur are an international personal shelter organization that have 150,000 staff spread out over Europe, China, Oceania, and you will Latin America. The services portion are manned guarding, security alarm, fire safety, and you will cover technology and you will consulting. Prosegur is actually Spain’s biggest personal coverage enterprise, and in 1987 they produced records as first business off the kind as on the Madrid Stock exchange. In 2011 the business generated $ billion.

Which have a role force of over 4,700 armored vans, Prosegur known for its cash-in-transportation qualities, which it outsources so you can finance companies global. Their technical services is CCTV monitoring, availability handle, and you will “anti-intrusion and edge detection.” Meanwhile, guarding specifications ability equipped and you can unarmed shields also K-nine devices and you Website will VIP shelter.

twenty five. Aegis Protection Attributes

Aegis Protection Properties is actually an united kingdom individual army organization established in 2002 of the previous Sandline Around the globe movie director and Uk soldier Tim Spicer. The business keeps international workplaces for the Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bahrain, as well as the Usa. Continue reading