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Keanu Reeves is dating a lady near to his very own age. How come that so shocking?

Alexandra Give is dating Keanu Reeves. You have issue with this?

Keanu Reeves features a gf, and our hearts are exploding with affection. And, because this is certainly 2019, therefore too is online debate about whom his gf is, just how old she’s, and exactly just just what those details all mean.

Keanu’s persona that is public a bit uncommon for Hollywood: He’s viewed as an amiable, sort, but basically personal and remote actor therefore famous for their solitude so it’s turn into a meme. Nevertheless the age of “sad Keanu” and “lonely Keanu” is apparently no further: throughout the week-end, following 2-3 weeks of burgeoning rumors about their love life, Reeves turned up at a skill gala in Los Angeles keeping arms along with his longtime creative collaborator, Alexandra give.

The move prompted a flurry of discussion, nearly all of it centering from the secret woman’s identity (no, she’s maybe not Helen Mirren, though many individuals noted a resemblance), and particularly her age. Since astonishing as it had been to start to see the famously single Reeves showing up in public places with a romantic date when it comes to first-time in several years, Grant’s moving silver hair and normal look grabbed much more attention. Unlike a number of other Hollywood males their age, Reeves is dating a mature girl — a person who appears to be approximately within their a long time. Not merely did this shocker perpetuate the public’s view of Reeves as a person who’s rejected the libertine methods of the typical celeb that is a-list nonetheless it has stoked debate about why it is therefore unusual to see older male celebrities acting in age-appropriate means with regards to females.

Therefore, that is Alexandra Give? Predicated on the things I gleaned from her CV, she appears style of awesome. She’s an award-winning musician understood for producing gorgeous word art installments and illustrating Reeves’ 2011 book Ode to joy, about escaping sadness and despair. Continue reading