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Without a doubt, of numerous suspicious prices are very misattributed to Epikouros

Epikouros out-of Samos

Epikouros out-of Samos (resided 341 – 270 BC), whoever name’s tend to Latinized since Epicurus, are a good Hellenistic Greek philosopher together with eponymous maker of your Greek philosophical college or university of Epicureanism. The fresh new Epicureans believed that the brand new gods didn’t come with involvement at all from inside the human facts and had been recognized for the doubt out of says off supernatural phenomena.

You really have almost certainly seen which quote caused by Epikouros. It is many greatest phrasing of your Dilemma of Worst ever made:

Anything is certain and that is one Epikouros yes never ever displayed the Epicurean trilemma with this text

“Try the guy [i.age. God] prepared to avoid worst, not in a position? next is actually he impotent. Is actually the guy in a position, although not ready? following is the guy malevolent. Is the guy each other able and happy? whence next try worst?”

Brand new trilemma was presented with this specific wording of the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume (resided 1711 – 1776) inside the book Dialogues regarding Natural Religion, which was completed in 1776 eventually just before Hume’s passing and you will typed posthumously into the 1779. Why which phrasing of your own trilemma is sometimes misattributed so you’re able to Epikouros is really because Hume paid the brand new argument alone so you can Epikouros and hot Gluten Free dating people appear to misunderstood him, considering he had been really quoting Epikouros in place of paraphrasing.

ABOVE: Portrait decorated into the 1754 by the Allan Ramsay of one’s Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, the true composer of the new particular the fresh new very-titled “Epicurean trilemma” that’s tend to cited for the misattribution so you can Epikouros

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