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Below, you’ll find information regarding Puerto Rico divorce or separation legislation

You’ll find additional information about breakup, like the dangers of using your young ones away from state while a breakup is pending, on our divorce that is general page. To look at brief videos about divorce or separation in Spanish with English sub-titles, head to our Videos web page. Finally, find out about the court procedure on our finding your way through Court – By your self page.

Exactly what are the requirements to declare divorce or separation in Puerto Rico?

To get divorced in Puerto Rico, you must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • You’ve got lived in Puerto Rico for one or more immediately before filing the divorce petition; or year
  • The reason (ground) for divorce proceedings took place Puerto Rico or whenever one of many partners had been residing in Puerto Rico. 1

Do you know the grounds for breakup in Puerto Rico?

Below is a summary of the causes (reasons) for divorce or separation which can be appropriate in Puerto Rico:

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