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Amy Coney Barrett Blasted for utilization of ‘Sexual Preference’: A ‘Dogwhistle’ Used ‘By Anti Gay Activists’

13, 2020 at 10:48 AM ET october

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s reactions through the day that is first of inside her Supreme Court verification hearing are increasingly being highly criticized. A woman’s right to abortion, or same sex marriage in just the first hour of questioning, Coney Barrett refused to tell Senators if she would overturn the Affordable Care Act. Nonetheless it ended up being her reactions to a relevant concern about discrimination that led numerous expressing outrage. Coney Barrett insisted she’s got never ever discriminated against LGBTQ people centered on “sexual choice.”

The expression it self is unpleasant to LGBTQ people. Apart from being outdated, and Judge that is demonstrating Coney views are antiquated, it really is a term which makes clear people who put it to use believe being LGBTQ is an option. “The term ‘sexual choice’ is typically utilized to claim that being lesbian, homosexual or bisexual is a selection and so can and must be ‘cured,’” relating to GLAAD. Continue reading