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Some people relayed stories in which, in hindsight, they sensed they might have placed by themselves in danger:

Sarah: Yeah, the individuals i’ve found up with, we make an effort to meet in public areas and like every day or including someplace where therea€™s, where you are able to escape if you would like type thing (KA: yup), like in like a club so I can like drive away a€¦ however the basic individual we satisfied I was, it absolutely was at her room cause we can easilyna€™t determine where to go therefore we simply get together at his put right after which yeah which was somewhat silly in hindsight, it yeah exercised o.k. (chuckling). (Era: 25)

Cassie: We were like chatting: he was like, oh come more, Ia€™ll push you to be meal and I had been like woah, like I am not saying likely to home in the very first time! You’re crazy. I happened to be like [leta€™s] have a drink 1st, um, so we found for a glass or two and then we leftover and hea€™s like You will find weed inside my car would you like to become high and I had been like oh, alright (laughter), so we went along to his car and like the guy rolling this joint inside the car therefore stepped along my personal roadway (KA: yup) and we only wandered up-and-down the trail like smoking this joint following the guy came back to my own. (Age: 20)

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