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Armed with the analysis equipment of knowledge out-of sacred calendars, let’s today determine whether such traditions would be verified

  • Usually you can find interlocking cycles anywhere between couple, if you don’t anywhere between birth and you can demise, between some key religious event within their life. An example is the delivery off Miriam occurring on the same go out just like the Parting off Yellow Ocean into the a couple of sacred calendars.
  • The fresh activities constantly matches comparable religious leadership.

2. Recommended Dates

The brand new attempt was made locate crucial schedules to own Mary Magdalene hence fulfill a number of the standards listed in the very last point. Let’s look at searches for the girl birth and you will dying dates, immediately after which, in the event that successful, to have a potential relationships time and you will you can easily pupils. The fresh derivation ones times is talked about in detail than simply done in prior to posts since it is desired to tell you just how persuasive evidence will likely be when several of the unusual conditions are met.

2.step 1 Mary Magdalene

The latest search for a possible delivery date inside Advertisement step 3 and death go out in the Advertisement 63 is the truth is productive. Look at the day of the day out-of Thu muz, a primary holy day on the Perpetual Hebrew (PH) Diary, rewarding Requirement 1. It had been 1 Forehead with the Sacred Round (SR), that isn’t merely a major holy day, this is the 1 day in the for every single stage regarding 260 months and this signifies birth. It was brand new birthday celebration of Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, and you may Miriam! our teen network That’s an excellent bull’s-attention!

Your day was also step one Design into the both Venus (V) and you may Mercury (M) calendars, becoming big holy weeks representing a unique delivery. It absolutely was also the rare big holy day of 1 Fulness on the Mars Diary (Ma) and that appears to show an effective fulness off priesthood. They only happen from the shortly after in two many years. Continue reading